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Captain Kearn

Welcome to the channel for Captain Kearn. My In-Game name is always "CptnKearn" or "Captain Kearn" In Nearly every game I play. I'm a Married 42 year old dude with 4 kids, who's gamed for 30 years. Been here from the start. I.E Titles Such as Quake, HL, CS etc. I love to game and play with others that do the same. I'm here for the community of which I love. So Watch, Follow, Sub, and Play...

+Twitter twitter.com/cptnkearn
+Youtube youtube.com/cptnkearn
+Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Kearn-2237516473189203/

No IG yet.. stay Tuned.


Hey! Name's Richy but here on Twitch I go by PyliX or Py for short! I started on Twitch as a viewer back in March of 2015, but became a streamer in January of 2018. Primarily play PUBG but I play many other Shooters like ARMA, CSGO, and R6.

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