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Welcome to InnerGamer

So long long ago InnerGamer was a huge gaming network. This was back in the days of 14.4 modems and irc chat, vpns to get lan games online. We hosted servers across the world in the US, London, Japan, Australia and more. The games we played back then were Quake, Quake MegaTF, eventually we moved to Halflife, CS 1.3, Day of Defeat and others. Alas life gave us interruptions the network died and we moved on. However in all these years I’ve kept the domain alive and in-tacked. So we now have moved on to a game steaming network. Why? well about 5 months ago I started streaming on twitch, got affiliate in February and am working to go full time streamer. Pretty ambitious for a 42 year old guy I know.. The biggest thing I found in streaming was networking. You must network to gain viewership...

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